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Obagi Nu-Derm Improves Scars

Scars Look Better after Treatment with Obagi NuDerm Skin Care

Recently, Obagi Medical Products, Inc. reported its data regarding a study using the Obagi Nu-Derm Skincare System to improve scar cosmesis (improved aesthetic appearance of scars) following the removal of a basal cell carcinoma (BCC) versus the current standard treatment. Results from their study showed that patients using the Obagi Nu-Derm Skincare System with Tretinoin before and after surgery for the removal of a superficial basal cell carcinoma showed an improved (even superior) appearance in the scarring after the procedure compared to the current standard treatment. This type of surgery (EDC, electrodesiccation and curettage) usually results in poor scar outcome.

Majority of Cancer Patients Showed Improvement of Skin After Surgery with Obagi NuDerm

A total of 51 patients were involved in the study, all with superficial BCC lesions on the trunk. They were pre-treated with the Obagi Nu-Derm Skincare System for three weeks prior to surgery and three weeks following surgery. A total of six weeks of treatment with the Nu-Derm system was completed. A panel of six independent blinded dermatologists and plastic surgeons evaluated photographs of the scars. The panel concluded that 61% of lesions treated with the hydroquinone/retinoid based Obagi Nu-Derm system achieved treatment success versus 29% of lesions achieving treatment success using standard treatment. Furthermore, all of the lesions (100%) treated with the Obagi Nu-Derm System exhibited no or mild wound contraction compared to 93% with the standard treatment. Treatment with both systems was well tolerated.

We don’t ever want to be diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, but if we are and we could prepare our skin before surgery to minimize any scarring that might occur, I think, like most people, I’d like to have the choice of a better alternative to traditional treatment. Just my thoughts!

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